2023 End of Year Fundraising Letter

Dear Feed Fannin Members, Supporters and Friends,

Feed Fannin continues to need your support. We are an all-volunteer organization and 100% funded through private donations. Approximately 90% of our expenditures are for food, food-related items and the operation of the farm. Rising prices strain the limited income of many seniors, single parents with children, the disabled and infirm who struggle with impossible choices between purchasing food or paying for medicines, gas or utilities. With your help, Feed Fannin can continue to address their basic need for food.

Feed Fannin’s Food Assistance Impact for 10 months ended Oct 31, 2023

  • We grew and purchased over 339,530 pounds of fresh produce, canned, dry and frozen food items, the equivalent of nearly 282,942 meals to feed the food insecure in our community.
  • We procured over 9,900 dozen eggs, more than 8,735 gallons of milk and will be providing 1,057 hams and turkeys to those in need for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We expanded outreach programs to provide food to more hungry people by partnering with service and faith organizations to distribute food we grow and also purchase. Your support makes it possible to help feed more hungry people than ever, and we are so grateful for your generosity that makes these food pantry and outreach programs possible.

Please consider a financial contribution to support our work and if you have already given, we thank you. You can make donations by mail to Feed Fannin, P.O. Box 1085, Blue Ridge, GA 30513 or conveniently online on our website at:

Thank you on behalf of Feed Fannin members, volunteers, and especially the families we serve.

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