Our Work

Feed Fannin is an all volunteer organization working together to educate and encourage our community toward self-sufficiency while providing food for those in need.

Key Activities

Ada Street Farm is our one-acre garden, where we grow approximately 10,000 pounds of fresh vegetables for the food pantry each year. Local residents in need of an emergency food source can find our produce, grown using organic methods, at the Family Connection Food Pantry in Fannin County.

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Raised garden beds were built at Ada Street Farm to provide space for local residents to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

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Feed Fannin supports the food pantry by providing volunteers, produce, and nearly 100% of the funds for the ongoing purchase of food staples, milk, and eggs to feed the hungry in Fannin County and the Copper Basin.

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In partnership with other local organizations, we provide information, education, and training to those who want to learn to be more self-sufficient in growing, preserving, and preparing their own food.

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Each year we sponsor several fundraising events that provide the money needed to support our activities and the food pantry. Join us at Bowls of Hope, our primary fundraising event held each spring!

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Our green donation boxes located throughout Blue Ridge encourage shoppers to donate dry and canned items, fruits, and vegetables to the Food Pantry. No fresh meats, frozen items or short shelf-life foods please.

We support and help fund gardening programs in our area schools. By teaching kids how to garden, we help children adopt a sustainability mindset and equip them with the know-how they need to grow food, early-on.

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The Family Connection Food Pantry averages 1300 clients per month.

1 in 4 of these food pantry visits benefits children.

We provide 90% of the funds to purchase food staples, milk, and eggs.

Our Community

Feed Fannin is 100% run by our volunteers, which we refer to as our members. As part of Feed Fannin, members participate in all kinds of activities to eliminate hunger in Fannin County, ranging from volunteering at the Family Connection Food Pantry, to organizing local events and managing school garden programs for kids. 

What do our members LOVE about Feed Fannin?!

“Friendly volunteers to work with make it a wonderful experience. “

“Knowing that I am helping my local community is satisfying. I always feel a sense of accomplishment after digging in the dirt taking care of one plant at a time!”

“I have developed lasting friends and relationships from members while doing good work.”

“I love the garden and the folks who work therein; I also enjoy the close association with the food pantry.”

“Working side by side with such a dedicated group is awesome – all with such Big Hearts!”

“Getting to know people and working together with the goal of increasing the quality of life for some in the community.”

“We have the opportunity to better the community by both providing food to those in need and education that supports local, sustainable agriculture.”

“I like knowing that what I do provides food for those in need in our community.”

Join Us!

You don’t have to have a green thumb to be part of Feed Fannin. There are many opportunities available to get involved and help with our mission.