Feed Fannin Education Committee

An important part of Feed Fannin’s work is to provide information, education, and training to those who want to learn to be more self-sufficient in growing, preserving, and preparing their own food. Feed Fannin’s Education Committee offers free classes to the public on these subjects.

The season kicked off with a class on “Garden Specifics” hosted by Ginger Montgomery from Quinn’s Greenhouse and Nursery.

Those attending the class learned about different plant varieties, the best time to plant vegetables and how to design an efficient garden to yield the greatest harvest. Ginger handed out many door prizes during the class, from a bag of onions to a four pack of Brussel Sprouts. Thank you to Quinn’s for an amazing class to get the season underway!

On April 15, Dr. Laurence Ransom of Red Baron Apiary presented “Introduction to Beekeeping Hobby.” The class covered topics such as startup cost, how to be comfortable around your hive and the resources needed to obtain supplies.

On May 13 Feed Fannin arranged a visit to the Heartwood Community of Sustainable Living where Ken Banwart, Bill Fleming, Anna Garvey and Christina Law took attendees on a tour. The tour included an examination of three off-grid open houses and the yoga studio as well as presentations on water collections system, earth homes, earthbag houses and organic gardening.

Upcoming on September 9 is a class by Dr. David Busch on “Winter Gardens.” In this workshop, Dr. Busch will describe some of his favorite varieties of vegetables to grow in the winter, as well as when and how to plant them. He will also share tricks for harvesting a bounty of nutritious food all winter long. Join us at 10:00 a.m. at the University of North Georgia Blue Ridge campus.

Visit our Class Schedule page to learn more about upcoming classes.

Thanks to all of the volunteer presenters for their willingness to share their expertise.

Submitted by Anna Speessen