Spring – A Time to Grow

Spring marks the start of a new growing year at Feed Fannin’s Ada Street Farm with the hope of harvesting nature’s bounty in the fall. But there’s more to Feed Fannin than growing vegetables. Our volunteers work year round to support the mission and programs of Feed Fannin.

The mission of Feed Fannin is simple: to provide food for those in need and to educate and encourage our community towards self-sufficiency.

In addition to growing produce at our Ada Street Farm to donate to the Family Connection Food Pantry, we:

  • Support the food pantry by providing volunteers, collecting food and raising money to help feed the hungry;
  • Manage a community garden where folks can grow their own food;
  • Present adult education classes for people who want to learn about growing, preserving, and preparing their own food; and
  • Support youth gardening programs in our elementary schools.

So you see, the work of Feed Fannin never stops, and there is much more to do than work in the garden. Even if you don’t like to play in the dirt, there is a place for you as a Feed Fannin volunteer to use your unique skills and talents to help those in need.

View our Volunteer Opportunities here.